Heart Marks

My Psalm 119

The Light of your Word
Brings me such delight
Help me to keep my eyes on You
To trust You in spite of everything else
Remember Your Word
That You gave to me
It is my hope and comfort
It was You who created me
And ordered my steps
Help me with understanding,
Strength and pure thoughts
Hear the cry of my heart
Have mercy on my soul
Let my life be the living testimony
Which endures to the end
Consider me
Deliver me
Let my lips speak Your words
And let me praise you now
And for all eternity

The Giving Heart

Although it seemed little in the eyes of others
the widow gave all she had.
Some may have laughed at her when she
placed her two mites in.
They only saw the small amount
that could barely buy a thing,
but God, in His awesomeness,
saw everything.

He saw a woman gentle and meek
who sacrificially gave all she had.
He saw a woman who was trusting, faithful
and so unselfish that it put the others to shame.

It wasn't the high amount,
as they thought, was the big deal
but the condition of their own hearts
in giving was revealed.
They were competitors, full of greed,
giving from their abundance pridefully.

Much more blessed is the woman who gave
all she had with a devout humble heart.
For it's the heart that matters to God above,
the evidence of giving out of love.


I see a family
bound by blood
not of their own
but from above.
Hearts joined together
in one accord,
deep in their faith,
Jesus is Lord.
Love and devotion,
tried and true,
servants together,
me and you.
God has His hand
on all who He has called.
His love and mercy
is given to all.
We are a family
bound by blood,
not of our own
but from above.
How glorious it is
to have
and to be
part of God's family.

Touch His Hem
Touch His Hem

I heard. It was true.
Our Messiah has come,
for me and you.
The word had spread
like wild fire,
He was coming this way.
I waited and waited
with deep anticipation,
could this be my day?
Could I maybe get a glimpse
or even hear what He’ll say?
Could this happen today?
The crowds formed,
the streets became congested,
unknowingly some hearts would be tested.
After hours of waiting
it was finally time,
I saw Him walking through the line.
He was the One,
I knew it deep in my soul.
He has the power to make me whole.
There were many in the crowd
who knew who I was,
and that I was unclean.
But in their own excitement,
they didn’t see, the desperate woman I call ‘me’.
I heard so very much
about the many healed,
even about those raised from the dead
I thought and thought,
I just knew,
I needed more than just a view.
As He passed I knew.
In His own majestic way,
I said to myself, He was here for ‘you’.
I squeezed through the crowd.
They were shouting His name.
What I was about to do seemed insane.
But I knew in my heart,
he was the One,
from where my healing would come.
After I struggled through the crowd
I took a sudden stop,
in awe I gazed up at Him
And just before He became out of reach,
I grabbed at His hem.
That’s when it happened to me.
I felt it from the inside out.
No more pain or bloody flow.
In my touch He made me whole.
With humbleness
I confessed,
it was me who touched Him.
Now looking into His loving eyes,
he gently spoke these words,
“Take heart, you are free,
your faith has made you whole.
Go in peace”.
As He walked away
I stood there watching.
I stood there whole, in peace and redeemed.
Lord, that’s her story
Praise God indeed.
If you would, please do the same for me.
Mark 5:25 - 34