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Contact: BBoy_4One@yahoo.com


4-one Mission Statement

The ministry of 4-one is a team of B-boys and B-girls (Breakdancers) who have come together to tell the world about Jesus Christ. We use our God-given talents of dance, drama, and entertainment to spread the love and truth of Jesus Christ.

The ministry of 4-one believes in taking Christ outside the four walls of the church where people really need him, in hopes that we can show the world what Christianity is really about! A life with Jesus Christ is not a stiff, boring, nor religious practice made by man, nor it is a perfect person's walk! Christianity is a life with our eternal Creator, where no limits are on our lives and all things are possible through our Savior, Jesus Christ, as long as those things are for good and not evil. Therefore, if God is for us, who can be against us?

4-one Vision Statement

4-one is an evangelistically-based outreach ministry. We live and breathe by the Great Commission: Going, therefore, into all nations preaching the gospel and making disciples of all people. However, just seeing people saved is not enough for God or for us. It goes much deeper. Anyone can be used by God to win souls, but the question of true ministry effectiveness is this: Who can make disciples of the Lord's people?

Our passion is not just to see people saved, but also making disciples of those who are saved. There is a difference between someone who is saved and someone who is a disciple. A disciple is one who gives their whole life to God in devotion to His purpose. Whether you are called to be a teacher, pastor, evangelist, apostle, prophet, preacher, bible scholar, healer, or author, we are all still called to speak to and guide all people in the name of Christ by the Great Commission. There is nothing like living a spirit-filled life as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

As for this ministry, we want everyone saved but we are looking for disciples. Our overall vision is to cause a momentum of even-spreading, outreach- oriented societies that would duplicate themselves continually, to experience revival by the hundreds, watch the hundreds spread to hundreds more all while being discipled so that our impact on earth may be all that God has intended it to be and nothing less! A-men.